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MESSAGE FROM THE PUBLISHER September 1, 2021 Sadly, I report that Scandinavian Press magazine has suspended publication. Therefore, we will not be producing and mailing any new issues in the foreseeable future. Scandinavian Press is financially sound thanks to the support of its loyal subscribers, its generous “Patrons of the Press” donors, its advertisers, and that most of the staff are unpaid volunteers who give of their time and talents to produce this labor-of-love publication. However, this past year we’ve experienced many changes which have made it increasingly difficult to produce Scandinavian Press magazine. Foremost, we’ve suffered the loss of several key people. And like many businesses and organizations, the Covid situation has created some challenges for us as well, especially affecting our ability to deliver Scandinavian Press issues to the roughly one-third of our subscribers located in Canada. We hope Scandinavian Press can resume publishing sometime in the future, but the future is uncertain in these unusual times. We plan to explore various ways to re-start Scandinavian Press, possibly even with a new owner / publisher, if necessary. All of us at Scandinavian Press magazine want to thank you for your loyal support through these past years. We couldn’t have had this great adventure without you! Kind regards, Sheldon Larson Publisher

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