Scandinavian Press magazine has subscribers in all 50 U.S. states, and in all Canadian provinces!

Here are a few of their comments:

I have always enjoyed the Scandinavian Press. I look forward to every issue and reread several times.

Victor C.

Lake Oswego, OR


I read every word in the summer 2013 issue—great stories (learned a lot!) and lovely colored issue. I decided to subscribe right then and there! My parents were Swede-Finns, and I still have two cousins there. I know my Danish friends will enjoy receiving [the magazine] also.

Erna B.

Port Albemi, BC


I very much like the newly improved
magazine. Excellent!

Gerda E.

West Linn. OR


I have scanned through it and look forward to more interesting reading, now and in the year to come.

Tusen takk!

Elsa H.

Winnipeg, MB


As a Norwegian (U.S.), I enjoy learning about other Scandinavian countries. Keep up the good work.

Evelyn C.

New Salem, ND


I am looking forward to another three years of interesting news from Finland and rest of Scandinavia. Thank you for bringing it to us.

Katherine T.

Edmonton, AB


Nice magazine—copy finally got routed my way at Vesterheim, and it looks great. I can’t wait to show everyone here; they’ll love it.

Becky I.

Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum

Decorah, IA


I enjoy reading about Scandinavian countries—especially Denmark, where my parents were born. Keep up the good articles. Mange tak!

Robert A.

Abbotsford, BC




Good luck in your new [publishing] venture! We’re all pulling for you! We’re in [subscribing] for another three years.

Ann Marie V.

Mountain View, CA




Jo Ann, I am thrilled with the Scandinavian Press. Congratulations to you and Al for doing such a wonderful job! The colors are so bright, and your article about your relatives is so interesting. Keep up the good work!

Audrey N.

Viking Market Coordinator, Norsk Høstfest

Minot, ND



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